Tools for Creating Greater Belonging

Tools for Creating Belonging with filmmaker Katrina Dawn Miller, YOUnify and Living Room Conversations

Belonging is an essential need for every person. And, creating greater belonging is the main ingredient for community thriving and healthy democracy. But what do we do when our ability to foster belonging reaches its limits? Or when we are frustrated with being excluded from the communities that profess to be welcoming? How do we intentionally create greater belonging in order to reduce toxic polarization and cultural divisions of all kinds? Join YOUnify, Living Room Conversations, and documentary filmmaker, Katrina Dawn Miller (This is [Not] Who We Are*), as we share tools and talk about how to create greater belonging in our communities and beyond.

*The documentary film This is [Not] Who We Are explores what happens when a self-professed welcoming community has its welcoming limits tested.

April 29, 202210AM PST/11AM MT/1PM EST

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    • Hey Man, I tried to reply to your post and got the message back that I couldn’t. So here it is:

      So Agent X,

      I read your post and can’t deny that the struggle is real for you. I appreciate you putting yourself out there and asking for help to understand how to navigate the nonsense. I am struggling with some of the same things. But, I am a Black man who has seen way too much and been involved in way too many different denominations trying to figure out my faith home where I can, like you, try to follow Jesus to the best of my ability and live out the two great commandments. I tell you one thing, it is definitely not easy. And there is a real temptation to blame the institutional church. I am trying to reconcile it. Because, it seems like for all the good it has done, it has at least done an equal or greater level of harm. I mean, a significant amount of the issues that the church has tried to heal was created by some church in the first place.

      At any rate, all I can say is keep working at trying to reconcile the issues of race and faith within yourself. You can’t do too much about the rest of us. You and God know your heart. If you want to go deeper with other folks though, a good resource you can use if you want to is Living Room Conversations, I have been volunteering with them for a long time because people need to talk about this stuff. Maybe one day you and I can host one together. Every time I feel like we’re basically screwed as a species, I have one of these types of conversations and feel like we still have a shot at creating a society where all of us feel more empowered to be the people we were created to be.


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