Questioning Injustice

Roderick Walker’s Lyft driver was pulled over and yet, according to reports, he was beaten and had a knee pressed on his neck when asked for his ID. Some people will ask the question, “Why didn’t he just give his ID?” The answer is that he had the right to ask and refuse since he committed no crime. But, if this happened to your child or father or any loved one, is that the question you’d be asking?

Here are some questions I’m asking:

1. Why were the officers involved not arrested?
2. Since he was not driving, why would the officers request the ID of a passenger in a Lyft vehicle with his girlfriend and child in the first place?
3. Why will some people automatically justify the treatment of this man even if it means telling themselves that if he did anything in the past, even if unknown to the officers, will justify the present treatment?
4. If you are one of the above people, do you know why that is your instant reaction? Are you open to receiving new information that might question your perspective?
5. What kind of culture must exist in this County’s Sheriff department if, after everything that’s happening in the country around race and policing, (not to mention the ubiquity of cell phone cameras) these officers still didn’t question putting a knee on this man’s neck and repeatedly punch him?
6. What was going through the mind of the black officer (not seen here) when he focused solely on stopping and threatening the person following with arrest and not calming down his associates?

Can you think of any other questions even if you are someone who assumes the fault of the victim automatically?

I am refusing to go down by watching this as normally would as I try to practice The Rule of L.A.W. (Love Always Wins) that I talked about in the post prior to this one. But I still held my breath while watching it, had increased heart rate, and feelings of anger and sadness. I am sharing it not to corroborate “my side”. Rather, I’m taking the time to share and reflect openly to invite those who will receive it into a conversation to walk through the Open Door of Love, which invites us to be better.

As, I understand Love, it would command the arrest of the officers to help them realize that this is not how to you treat people. Love wants to liberate them from the oppressive culture that facilitates this behavior and liberate the people that they put under their knee from having to constantly live under the continual concern that being Black is to live with a target on your back. I could go on and on. But Love is telling me this is enough.


WARNING: This video is very disturbing and there are many expletives.

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