There is More Than Enough for Everyone

I imagine that for many of us, this title goes against everything we’ve ever been told about the resources on this planet or the economic model that we’ve been addicted to for centuries. But the reality is that there is more than enough. We just have our values misplaced so that we can’t see the abundant forest for the trees.

In an 1975 New York Times article, Architect, Futurist, and Imaginative Genius Buckminster Fuller said:

What is incumbent on human beings now is to give up selfishness — the “me first” priority which could be rationalized so long as men were convinced that there wasn’t enough of anything to go around. But that is no longer plausible. “There is no energy shortage. There is no energy crisis. There is a crisis of ignorance.

If he were around today, I think he’d utter the same words.

In the video below, I interview Scott Smith, a man with an economic imagination that I believe Bucky would applaud. Scott’s idea is the most amazing plan for Universal Basic Income that I have ever heard. And it is perfectly doable because each and everyone of us is already contributing to the revenue stream that he is suggesting. Even if you have a short attention span, watch this in chunks if you have to. It is worth it. And it is an idea that’s time has come.

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