Waking Up To Love

In the video that is below, I talk about how most mornings I am excited to wake up and spend some quality time with God. I don’t talk about what my day is like when I neglect to do that. Today, I missed that time due to some unforeseen circumstances. As a result, I was not equipped for the stressful things that came up today and I spent the day emotionally failing and falling off my metaphorical bike because I could not get my balance. The good that came out of it though is that I am working with the pain in order to get back on track.

As difficult as it may seem sometimes, in every moment, we have the opportunity to realign ourselves with a higher way of being. Writing this post and making these videos is like a form of accountability that reminds me that I have a choice no matter how off I am feeling. I hope these posts are encouraging to others who are trying to make the choice of Love.

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