Don’t Hate Me Because I Love You

It has been my experience that when people do not love themselves, they will secretly hate the people that love them.  Seriously.  I’ve seen it and experienced it too many times for it to be a coincidence.  I’ve literally had people tell me that they hate me for loving them.  They essentially are saying, “Something must be wrong with you for loving someone like me.”  Man that is just sad.

In the video I talk about a guy who stopped talking to me just for appreciating him.  How many of you have noticed this type of behavior with people you love?  Have you ever believed in someone only to see them almost go out of their way to show you how much they suck at life?  Somewhere these people believed in the lie of their wothlessness and built their world and reality around it.  Now they live their lives trying to justify this sad story of who they are and how they came to be that way.  They may say, they are just playing the cards they were dealt.  But like my friend Jim said the other day, “You can always throw out those cards and start over.”  In my opinion, that is what being “born again” and resurrection are all about.  We aren’t doomed to our cards.  And if we ever told ourselves a story that we were unworthy of love or being valued, we can always start a new story.  So the next time someone shows you love, instead of secretly wondering why, trying thinking why not?  You are worthy of love.


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    • Hi. Thanks for commenting on the post. I have had countless experiences where people have displayed this type of behavior. My hope is that we can love ourselves and others into a greater reality where the idea that we are all lovable is an almost natural assumption.


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