Are You Ready For A Miracle?

Dark Before Dawn

Dark Before Dawn

In the past couple of months we were forced out of our apartment, my father passed away, I hit a telephone pole when racing on a scooter, and today my car had cardiac arrest.  And I won’t even get into the aftermath of my dad’s last will and testament.  It puts the soap opera “All My Children” to shame.  But at the end of the day, I’m laughing. 

As I told the lawyer that did the paperwork to send us packing, my grandma used to say that in times like these you can expect a blessing.  So I have my eyes open waiting to see just what the Universe has in store for me. 

Now to some people I might sound a little foolish. But if you look at some the big names in Hollywood you’ll see that a lot people had their hand on the dodo end of the stick when things turned around for them.

Jim Carrey lived in a van, Tyler Perry was homeless, and Samuel L. Jackson smoked crack rocks and look at them now.  Now I am definitely not trying to go that route to see my miracles, but I do think there is something to their situations opening them up to receiving gifts from the heavens. 

In my experience, the thing that keeps most blessings from people is not that they are not being provided for by God or the Universe.  The real problem comes from their inability to receive.  I’ll save how most people get into that mindset for another blog, but I think it is worth keeping in mind. 

I think what happened with the people I mentioned was that they hit as low as they were willing to go and then they started looking up. As for me, I believe I don’t have to go to such extremes.  I had my fair share of crap and I’m using it to fertilize my dreams with my family. So I have my lottery tickets in hand, my blog online, and enough stored up drama for sixty novels.  I’ll let you know where it takes us.

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  1. Indeed I am ready for a miracle. Every moment of every day is super-saturated with miracles. Personally, I believe that we allow limits to become concrete in our mind(s) and as a result, limit what can be received because in our minds it cannot happen and does not exist. Therefore, we wouldn’t know it if it was sitting in our collective laps…and it is…I myself, don’t believe in negativity, therefore, it does not exist 2 me and I am not open to receive it. I love my so-called afflictions because I know that others can witness glory throgh my healing. Ultimately, I simply observe the macrocosm and its synchronicity despite looking random at times and I better understand the microcosm that is me and my life. Receive your miracle(s) my brother and I shall do the same.


  2. So when is rock bottom, rock bottom? Three weeks ago, I was given some news that would have changed my life…
    Now I’m thinking can I not receive my miracle until I learn to forgive and move on? What if you spend your whole adult life trying to avoid a certain situation, only to find that you were deceived into the very situation you worked so hard to avoid? where is the freakin’ miracle in that, dude?


  3. …. And so your journey in harmonizing begins in earnest. Sometimes it takes the Father to lead and the Son to follow. Sometimes the Son leads but harmony, balance, perfection is Father and Son as One … One Beginning, One Journey, One Destination – Eternity. Embrace the experience of Oneness. Love & Blessings. Zaidie


  4. In order to receive, you gotta let go. The root of many people’s problems is fear of change. People tend to have a hard type accepting what can’t be changed and tend to hold on to things, people, places…. It’s the fear of letting go. You can’t receive if you can’t let go. It’s easier said then done obviously, but I’ve received so much because of it. Miracles are there waiting. Don’t ‘wait’ for God to give them to you. It’s already there. God is the One waiting for you to let go and receive them. But no, folks, just continue making the same choices expecting different results.


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