Everybody Hates Christians

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. If you’re thrown off by this image and the title then chances are you have never heard of the show from the early 2000s based on the life of comedian Chris Rock as a teenager. The show was entitled “Everybody Hates Chris” and chronicled the awkward misadventures of young Chris as he navigated the challenges of growing up and trying to find his place in the world. … More Everybody Hates Christians

Live Free or Die

I’m convinced that whenever we ask questions from the depths of our soul, our lives become about trying to find the answers. For some people it might be something simple like “what career will I have when I get older?” Those people will probably work and work until they find what fits them. Then they … More Live Free or Die

What Would Pedro Do?

On the steering wheel of my truck there is a cover with the letters WWJD on it.  As most of you know, that stands for “What Would Jesus Do?”.  For a long time you could find all sorts of  new WWJD merchandise everywhere.  Maybe it was because some people thought the world was about to end and … More What Would Pedro Do?