A Tale of Three Sheep🐑

Person A: “You’re a sheep.
Person B: “No. You’re a sheep.”

Person C: “Why are you calling each other sheep?”

Persons A and B: “Because the only people I listen to who told me to think for myself told me that anyone who disagrees with me is a sheep.”

Person C: So let me get this straight. You both only listen to people who tell you to think for yourself, who then tell you what to think about, and then tell you that anyone who disagrees with you is a sheep? And now you’re both going around being angry and calling each other sheep?

Persons A and B: Yes. That is right. Because no one tells us what to think except the people who tell us to think for ourselves. And if you disagree you’re a sheep too.

Person C: Neither of you sound like sheep to me.

Persons A and B: (confused and surprised) How do you know who is and isn’t a sheep?

Person C: Because I am a sheep.

Persons A and B: (Even more confused and surprised) You’re saying you’re a sheep like it’s a good thing.

Person C: It’s the greatest thing.

Persons A and B: (Minds now blown) Are you a fool?

Person C: Yes. Absolutely.

Persons A and B: (Utterly dumbfounded) why would you admit to being a sheep and a fool.

Person C: Because I want to hear the Voice of the One who told me to not think for myself. But to rather follow the Voice of the Good Shepherd who cares for the Sheep. My Teacher said, “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” So should I not seek to be a sheep?

Persons A and B: But what if you get fooled?

Person C: By who?

Persons A and B: By the people on the other side with the hateful agenda.

Person C: When you side with love, there is no place for a hateful agenda to take hold. Can the two of you agree on that?

Persons A and B: SHUT UP SHEEP!!!

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