Your Words Will Come Back To Bless You

Dear Love Ones,

Today I was fortunate enough to be blessed by words that I had written over a year and a half ago.  As I am writing this, I am in a situation where I have to “walk by faith and not by sight.”  When I look at the world through the filter of the conventional wisdom, my family is screwed. But when I look through the eyes of Spirit or when I invite God to translate the experience into heavenly terms, I find that we are blessed beyond measure.  My Teacher, Señor Jesus says that we are not supposed to worry because God knows all that we need and has the desire to fulfill that need and will do so.  The 23rd Psalm begins, “The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.”  And when speaking of himself and his path to those who said one would follow him anywhere Jesus said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” I know what that feels like at the moment as we try to figure out where we are going to live next with less than two weeks to figure it out. It is a situation that is primed for stress, but in it all there is extraordinary abundance. 

In the post I wrote called, Abundance Is Reality, I said, “In the Reality of Abundance, God has already wholly given everything to everyone. There is no lack.” I absolutely believe this.  In our current situation, it appears that lack is all around us, but when I look at the abundance of friends and loving relationships, I know that this is not true.  Even a prayer from a friend feels like the treasure house of creation coming to us.  I was trying to articulate this earlier but could not find the words.  As a result I started to feel a little frustrated, but then the law that says, “What goes around comes around” worked in my favor.  Someone “randomly” commented on my post about the reality of abundance and as a result, the words I put out to the world came back to bless me.  I am so grateful for this.  So now I am sharing this with you again.  Abundance is reality.  Wherever we end up, I trust that it will be the place where we will be the most blessed and will be the greatest blessing.  If you are reading this, I ask that you agree with this in prayer, positive thoughts, or however it is that you affirm the faith all things are well in Reality.





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  1. Remember GOD never fails No matter what happens remember that ALL things work together for the good of those who love the LORD and to all those who are the called according to HIS purpose. You are such a one keep the faith son. I am praying for you and with you.

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  2. Great attitude and faith. It takes a lot to praise God when times are tough, but God is good, all the time. I will be praying for you. I a sure He has great things planned for you. God bless


    • Thanks inkenwells. It takes a person of faith to honor this space. But I know that of my own self I can do nothing. I actually watched my thoughts when I was relying on my own understanding. It was nothing nice. But as soon as I said “Thank you and I take total responsibility for how I am experiencing this. God help me see what you see.” the doors of heaven opened up so to speak and all I could see was things that I am grateful for.


  3. Pedro, as you know, I’ve been on the road for almost 21 months now, living mostly on donations and a few clients, bartering for places to stay and at times throughout this journey I’ve been down to only $5 or I needed to be out of a house immediately while scrambling to pack my car and find another place to stay. But when Spirit told me it was time to leave Seattle, with only $2000 and no idea of what would happen, I leaped and I’ve somehow been taken care of and grown so tremendously and am now close to living the dreams and visions that God gave me a very long time ago.

    I trust that you and your family will be led to the perfect home. I see it opening up for you, being a wonderful home that is more than you had hoped for, supporting you all in love and grace and opening up your path of sharing your great spirit and faith with others.

    Each time one of us stands firm for abundance, faith and trust, we open that door just a little wider for humanity, and shut the door to the beliefs in lack and separation, freeing ourselves, freeing humanity.

    love to you, katelon


    • Hi Kate,

      I knew I could count on you for an awesome reply. I am excited about the abundance of love pouring in from family and friends who are praying for us and even opening their homes to us if need be. At this moment I am in perfect gratitude knowing that God’s invisible hand is guiding us through doors opening and closing. I feel the love pouring in and through our situation and can’t deny it. Plus, the greatest gift of all is the heavenly treasure of knowing that God’s grace is sufficient in that while I am in the midst of this I can say “Thank you.” That is ultimate abundance to me. I get to know that I am not full of crap, which is a gift in and of itself.

      Please fee free to reblog this and invite more of our friends into abundance.


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    My friend Pedro is at that place I’ve been so many times in my life and especially these last almost 21 months. Please hold he and his family in your heart and envision them quickly in a wonderful and perfect home.

    And especially please join us in affirming the abundance that is THE truth on this planet NOW and forevermore.

    Thanks and blessings, katelon


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